Frank Rúnaldrar

The Spirit of (Hœnir) Húnir Awakens (Part 1)
Norse Keys to Perception, Consciousness, Spirit, Senses and Mind

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Full title: The Spirit of Húnir Awakens (Part 1) - Norse Keys to the Spirit, Mind & Perception

Language: English
Published by: Bastian & West
RRP: 19.99 (USD), 16.99 (GBP)

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Barnes & Noble (US), Waterstones (UK), Blackwell's (UK), Amazon (UK), Adlibris (Sweden), Adlibris (Finland), Adlibris (Norway),
and in: Australia and India

Topics: The Odr, Hugr, Minni, Norse Lore, Norse Mythology, Norse Mysticism, Galdr, Odin, Norse Self, Runic Vocalisation, Runic Chanting, Senses, Spirit, Perception, Consciousness, Awareness, Reason, Login and Intellect, Language, Manipulation of the Mind, Brain, Pitfalls of Technology, Shaping the Odr, Projection of Awareness, Odin's Ravens, the Mind Raven.
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The Spirit of Húnir Awakens (Part 2) - The Norse 'Holy Grail'

The Spirit of Hunir Awakens (Part 2) is a direct follow-up from Part 1. It takes off where the former ended and develops both existing as well as key additional concepts. The Minni (Memory) is a key topic in Part 2 as are Intent and learning how to make use of it and reclaiming your mind & energy.

You will learn how to use your memories to access power, the mysteries of the Sumbl (Norse drinking horn & remembering practices), how to 'program' energy with Intent and finally the true meaning (and practices) of the Odrerir (the Norse 'Holy Grail'). This advanced practice will enable you to grab hold of and use the most secret and mysterious parts of the tradition…

Stop wandering what to do next, being the victim of life's circumstances! Start discovering who you are! What you actually are! What you are capable of! Grab hold of your inner potential and awaken! Now is the time! This is the place! Awaken to the full glory of your spirit!

Spirit, Mind and Perception - the three fundamental components of consciousness are impossibly hard to define and little understood. Yet, they are so critically essential to our very beings.

Have you ever thought it strange that so much has been written about the spirit, the mind and our perceptions, yet still the practical knowledge and insights that would enable mastery remain inaccessible? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be of pure perception or to consciously act from within your spirit? To strip your perception of illusions or perceive beyond the purely physical?

Discover the secrets of the Óðr (Spirit), Hugr (Logic) and Minni (Memory). Draw from simple and effective practices to develop your perceptions, enhance your senses, take control of your mind, expand consciousness beyond the purely physical and act from within your spirit. Learn to feed, grow and expand your spirit's innate potential.

Immerse yourself in the knowledge found within the Norse tradition to master these key parts of your Self. Start discovering who and what you actually are, what you are capable of!

Awaken to the full glory of Your Spirit!