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Questions & Answers Editions of High Galdr Titles

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  • The Spirit of Húnir Awakens - Questions & Answers

    This the Second of the High Galdr training books takes a look at Spirit, what it is, how to use it and how to manipulate your conscious awareness through it. Provides insights into the limitations of language, desires and established thinking patterns! Widening perceptions, expanding of the mind, enhancing the senses, stretching your awareness, unlocking yourself from the purely physical are the goals here…

  • The Breath of Oðin Awakens - Questions & Answers

    This is the starting point, learn all about Megin (Power), the Hamingja (energetic organ which produces Megin), and the Breath of Odin (Megin fuelled breath). Within its pages find all the theoretical information and practical exercises enabling you to learn how to wield that inherited power to make actual changes not only to your life but to your Self. Without power no ability works, with excess power YOU evolve!

High Galdr - Questions and Answers Series

All the Q & A Series of titles are meant to be used alongside their respective main titles. These predominantly include reader’s questions answered by the author in as much detail as practical. In addition to answers, depending on the title, you will find additional practical materials not included in the main title or essays with deeper theoretical (and potentially practical) insights.