Frank Rúnaldrar

The Blood of Lóðurr Awakens
Norse Mysteries of Body, Soul & Shadow Self

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Full title: The Blood of Lóðurr Awakens - Norse Mysteries of Body, Soul & Shadow Self

Published by: Bastian & West

Available on: Barnes & Noble (US), Waterstones (UK), Blackwell's (UK), Amazon (UK), Adlibris (Sweden), Adlibris (Finland), Adlibris (Norway), Amazon (US)
and in: Australia and India

Topics: Biological awareness, shadow self (Sal), energy body (Hamr), mysteries of blood, DNA, runic embodiment in blood, Intent, mastery of Self, biological energy types, Lodurr, awakening energy body awareness, runic enhancement of DNA, physical body (Lik) rune amplification.
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The Blood of Lóðurr Awakens

The blood, DNA, flesh and physicality of our bodies are taken for granted by countless humans and envied by many others. We, the children of Yggdrasil (world tree), to whom Midgard (Earth) was given at the time of our creation, hold deep and powerful secrets within ourselves and within our physical beings.

The Body (Lik), the Energy Body (Hamr) and the Shadow (Sal) form the great foundation of our own inner universe: our own creation. Understanding and mastering these parts of our Self provides us with such wonderful gifts that there are those in Creation who positively fear the prospect of our self-realisation. Work through the practical teachings to enable you to connect with, perceive, use consciously and manipulate those foundational parts of your Self, providing you a solid base from which to rise.

Discover the secrets of your own biology, learn about biological awareness evolving within and alongside you, and how to use it consciously and unlock the next stage of unleashing Intent in your rune work. The seldom-spoken-of mysteries of your body shape are revealed including its impact on energy types and their effects on all your energy work. The deep-seated secrets of blood and DNA are discussed, and how to embed runic power in them to enhance your Self is revealed.

Detailed information on the creation of the human being from the Norse tradition is provided, leading to important insights into our very nature and you will be shown why mankind is the envy of Creation.