Frank Rúnaldrar

The Breath of Oðin Awakens
Unleash the Power of the Runes & Discover how to give life meaning once more!

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Full title: The Breath of Oðin Awakens - Secrets of the Norse Hamingja & Luck-Fuelled Breath

Language: English
Published by: Bastian & West

Available on:
Barnes & Noble (US), Waterstones (UK), Blackwell's (UK), Amazon (UK), Adlibris (Sweden), Adlibris (Finland), Adlibris (Norway), Amazon (US)
and in: Australia and India

Topics: The Hamingja, Norse Lore, Norse Mythology, Galdr, Odin, Breath, Mana, Megin, Awakening Hamingja, Norse Self, Runic Vocalisation, Runic Chanting, Bindrunes, Ond, Ask & Embla.
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The Breath of Oðin Awakens - Questions and Answers Edition is the perfect companion to the Breath of Oðin Awakens title.

It will provide you with further guidance on how to apply the practical teachings and run you through some of the common experiences readers have had, as well as outlining some additional areas in which the technique of the Breath of Oðin can be used.

A definite must for all those who wish to perfect their understanding and skills along the principles introduced in the book.
What People are saying about 'The Breath of Oðin Awakens'

A "...series of scholarly investigations into the mysteries of the Norse hamingja, this book will find a valuable place on your library self. It is a pioneering piece at deeper levels of understanding of the mysterious Norse hamingja."
True North (Sep 2016)
The Denali Institute of Northern Traditions

I took a chance on this book as it was so new but glad I did. The information is fresh and not just regurgitated from other authors or sources...which is something I find a lot of metaphysical books do that irritates me. I've done the first two exercises so far and have to say I'm impressed.
Sylari (Aug 2016)
Published on

One of the best rune books I have read, A small yet hearty treat for any Runster. Clear, concise, and the practices are potent. The book uses the elder futhark runes, which have names in both reconstructed proto Germanic as well as all 24 in Icelandic! It's amazing this day and age that the secrets are made readily available to the public. This is the first book of the High Galdr series which is a curriculum that takes everyone from the basic steps up to full mastery, and a few steps beyond ... Though of course diligence is due
Verified Customer (Nov 2016)
Published on

Wow dam wow, is it just me or has this book just revealed to the public what spiritual power is, how it is generated and used?

Not only that but echoing the review left on the Amazon Canada web site the practices in this book are potent. The author outlines the topic sources in the actual eddas without overdoing the scholarly and then goes to explain the actual techniques keeping to the tradition. You won’t find any ritualistic nonsense, nor new age twisting to make it fit into something which it is not. By far one of the best books on Runes around.

It is the first of a series which has the goal of teaching actual the runes. It is written in such a clear and elegant. It is easy to mistakenly think you are sitting face to face with one of the Aesir and they are teaching you.

Highly recommended to anyone studying or following the spiritual traditions be it Norse or not. you will not find any such detailed material elsewhere. Can’t wait for the next!
NorseStudent (Nov 2016)
Published on

'The Breath of Oðin Awakens'

Odin, Vili and Ve bestowed upon the first man and woman several important gifts which we all inherited. Odin's gift was breath, which has always remained a deep mystery within the Norse tradition. By learning to understand, awaken and make use of your own individual 'Breath of Odin' through the theoretical and actual practices within, you will be taking the first steps towards awakening your Divine Self.

At its core, this enigma is of vital importance, both in terms of what makes us human and the potential we all have dormant deep within ourselves.

This 'breath' circulates the mystical force known as Megin, produced by one of our energy organs (the Hamingja). Available to all humans, it fuels our luck, fortune, success and health. It was sometimes called 'Norse Luck'. When ignored or depleted by poor health, life or wastage, the lack of this force makes everything in life more difficult.

Within "The Breath of Odin Awakens," the Hamingja and its secrets are revealed in plain language for all to grasp, without any cryptic subtext. You will learn how to gain direct access to Megin, how to regenerate and increase it by strengthening the Hamingja, empowering the Ond to enhance and expand your very Self and more...