Frank Rúnaldrar

The Spirit of (Hœnir) Húnir Awakens (Part 2)
The Norse 'Holy Grail'

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Full title: The Spirit of Húnir Awakens (Part 2) - The Norse 'Holy Grail'

Published by: Bastian & West
RRP: 19.99 (USD), 17.99 (GBP)

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Barnes & Noble (US), Waterstones (UK), Blackwell's (UK), Amazon (UK), Adlibris (Sweden), Adlibris (Finland), Adlibris (Norway),
and in: Australia and India

Topics: The Odr, Minni, Hugr, Senses, Spirit, Perception, Consciousness, Awareness, Secrets of Memory, Manipulation of the Mind, The Mind Thief, Reclaiming the Self, Removing limitations, Visualisation, Keys to Imagination, Rune Trances, Runic Consciousness, Projection of the Mind Raven, Mastering Intent, Nature of Memory, Norse Mythology, Galdr, Odin, Odin's Munnin Raven, Norse Self.
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The Spirit of Húnir Awakens (Part 1) - Norse Keys to the Spirit, Mind & Perception

Part 1 sets the foundations for the work undertaken in Part 2. The practices and theory within provide a solid set of skills and understanding which trigger initial expansion of Perceptions, awareness and consciousness.

Within you will find the keys to the Odr (Spirit), instructions on connecting, learning and using your own Spirit. How to spirit shape and connect embody the rune streams within your Spirit. You will learn about your own 'Odin's Raven' the Hugr part of your mental Self and how to make use of it. You will gain insight into language, sciences and technology. Their impact and how to avoid having your awareness locked down by them, and more…

Unlock your Consciousness and unfold the full potential of your awareness! Start understanding how through functions and how to shape your Self within reality around you. Master the innate nature of your Spirit.

Have you ever wondered why you think in a specific way? Why you end up constantly stuck in pointless loops of negative thought? Or perhaps why everything seems so hopeless while others around you are not bound by such thinking? Break free by understanding how to defeat these patterns and vanquish the Mind Thief, unlocking the actual power of thought and manipulating it to your advantage in all you do!

Your memories hold phenomenal resources of which you can take advantage. Learn how to make practical use of them for both empowerment and healing. Rid yourself of memories which hinder you in life and use them instead to your advantage through mastery of the Minni.

Discover how the runes will help you to reclaim your energies and enhance your awareness through runic trance dancing. Learn the proper methods of intent and pure thought, the keys to shaping reality through your Will, and realise the hidden potential of the Norse 'Holy Grail'.