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The Breath of Oðin Awakens
Unleash the Power of the Runes & Discover how to make life run smoother!

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Full title: The Breath of Oðin Awakens - Secrets of the Önd, Hamingja & 'Norse Luck' Unveiled

Language: English
Published by: Bastian & West

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Barnes & Noble (US), Amazon (UK), Adlibris (Sweden), Adlibris (Finland), Adlibris (Norway), Bücher (Germany), Orellfüssi (Switzerland), Amazon (US)

Topics: The Hamingja, Norse Lore, Norse Mythology, Galdr, Odin, Breath, Mana, Megin, Awakening Hamingja, Norse Self, Runic Vocalisation, Runic Chanting, Bindrunes, Ond, Ask & Embla.
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The Breath of Oðin Awakens - Questions and Answers Edition is the perfect companion to the Breath of Oðin Awakens title.

It will provide you with further guidance on how to apply the practical teachings and run you through some of the common experiences readers have had, as well as outlining some additional areas in which the technique of the Breath of Oðin can be used.

A definite must for all those who wish to perfect their understanding and skills along the principles introduced in the book.

Ever wondered how some people seem to have all the 'luck in the world' whilst others struggle in an endless loop of hardship? Ever wondered how some people just 'stumble' on the best opportunities one after the other? How all their needs seem to be inexplicably met in rapid succession? Ever wondered how in life or death situations people can do things that might at any other time seem totally impossible or unnatural? Ever wondered why some classified as belonging to medical at-risk groups never develop the conditions they are at risk of getting even though their lifestyles are horrid whilst others with seemingly healthy lifestyles do? Ever wondered why some people seem to develop incredible mental abilities whilst others struggle to understand the basics?

Well, stop wondering! The concept of 'Norse Luck' or rather the power of luck gives insights into all those situations. A mysterious, almost mystical energy that fuels luck, fortune, success and health was known to our ancestors as 'megin' and produced by one of our energy organs (called the 'hamingja'). Available to all humans, often depleted by life or wastage (or poor health) and ignored to the degree that everything in life seems to be so damn difficult, the hamingja and its secrets are finally revealed in plain language with no mystery for all to grasp. The Breath of Odin shows you how to gain direct access to this 'luck power', how to increase it, how to regenerate it and most importantly how to stop others from benefiting from yours. For those interested, it will show you how to enhance and expand your very Self by careful control of its many aspects. It at long last provides the missing link runemasters have known about for aeons, as well as how they empowered their rune work with actual power, the power of 'Norse luck'. At long last, the missing key is unveiled in its full glory through the teachings of our ancestors recaptured today in this book . . .

'The Breath of Oðin' - For the Nose Minded

The ‘Breath of Oðin (Önd), a gift bestowed by Odin on the first created man (Ash) and woman (Embla) and inherited by their descendants, has always remained a deep mystery within the Norse tradition. The Eddas mention it almost in passing, practical Runic materials never deal with the subject and linguists just translate the term into a loosely defined English equivalent. At its core, it has always been a mystery, yet a vitally important one in terms of what makes us human and what potential we all have dormant deep within our Self.

For the first time, this mystery, the secrets of the hamingja and megin, are unveiled in all their wonder. This is done not only in a theoretical context but also in actual practices that enable every reader to both understand and make use of their own individual ‘Breath of Oðin
’, awakening it, which is the first and most important step in establishing a fully spiritual Self.